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Are you new in Lebanon or would you like to discover new cities and villages?

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Are you a nature lover or would you like to enjoy some outdoor activities like hiking, camping and more?

Motorized Adventures

Have you ever wanted to have a private boat trip or spend a day off-roading   in a Jeep, ATV, motocross, or mountain bike?

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We Personalize Tours within your Needs and Budget

Suits Everyone

Designed for Families, Groups, Organizations and Travel Agencies

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Explore Lebanon and discover the best time and places to visit starting from $19​

What our Customers are saying

"Loved the spontaneous trail and the timing is perfect"
Christian K.
"You are an amazing and professional team that put a smile to every person in your group and the most important thing is that you are so helpful !!!"
Nisreen H.
"Amazing ! A good hike !
Very professional and challenging"
Alex A.
"The trip was amazing and well prepared"
Rinaldo I.
"It was my first hiking experience and it wouldn't be better"
Malak H.
"It was a great experience and great trail"​
Mazen H.
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